It is estimated that almost 50% of the global energy demand is due to buildings. Energy conscious architecture has evolved to address these issues. It involves the use of eco-friendly and less energy intensive building materials, incorporation of passive solar principles in building design and operation including daylighting features, integration of renewable energy technologies, conservation of water, waste water recycling, rainfall harvesting and use of energy-efficient appliances in buildings.

We have extensive experience in a variety of alternative energy technologies.  From solar technologies, geo-thermal, fuel cell and wind, to co-generation and more.   We implement net-zero energy systems and perform LEED certifications as well as commissioning systems.  Starting from energy conservation measures and leading to developing the most appropriate, state of the art, alternative energy solutions, Landmark Building Group can solve current energy demands with a new approach to energy conscious design.

Industrial Co-Generation FacilitiesNew EnglandLandmark Building Group staff members designed and oversaw the construction of two natural gas co-generation facilities for a large industrial manufacturing facility in New England. Sound reduction enclosures, manufacturing process integration and facility security were integral parts of the design and construction process.